(vegan baking + other minor obsessions)

Raw Brownies

Brownies are my thing. Since I can remember they have been my favourite thing to bake, share and snack on and I can eat in one sitting many more than I could gracefully admit to. When I was ten or twelve years old, my mum taught me how to bake them according to the (non-vegan) Family Recipe, which we were sworn never to share. Later when I opened a coffee house in Brazil, brownies were the star of the menu, both plain and at the heart of a celebrated hot brownie sundae.

These days all the brownies I bake are vegan, to my own recipe that I am forever refining and improving upon. And I have worked with many raw brownie recipes in my many kitchen jobs, but when inSpiral asked me to develop a raw and nut-free brownie recipe… I have to say I was scared at first; all the recipes I had relied on were heavily based on nuts. It wasn’t easy, and it took some four attempts to arrive at this recipe: a combination of chewy and biscuity textures with some crunchy bits and intensely chocolate (which is kind of a personal trademark I have to admit). They are packed with superfoods: raw cacao (powder, butter and nibs), sesame seeds, chia seeds, yacon powder, lucuma and raw vegan protein powder. Probably the healthiest brownies ever!


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