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Raw Hazelnut Torte

Back when I was pastry chef at inSpiral, I had on the menu a peanut butter pie which was essentially a huge vegan replica  of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. The cake was very popular, so when Bella at inSpiral asked me  to come up with a new vegan, sugar- and gluten-free version I knew I had to make it even better. Enter the Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. A chocolate crust made with hazelnuts and cacao nibs, filled with a creamy hazelnut mousse and topped with raw chocolate ganache. It is incredibly rich and delicious and a huge success with all tasters, and it is now live and part of the new inSpiral cake menu, so I can’t wait to hear feedback from new customers and old die-hard fans of the PBCup!


3 comments on “Raw Hazelnut Torte

  1. shellywest
    11 October 2012

    This looks so gorgeous!

  2. greenbunnie
    11 October 2012


  3. ellebakes
    22 October 2012

    I think i’m drooling at the screen! That looks great 🙂

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