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Raw Tiramisù

When it comes to desserts, most people tend to make similar choices over and over again. There are chocolate people and caramel people, those who decant to sharp fruity desserts and those who choose the simple comforts of apple and cinnamon every time. Then there is tiramisù fans, a die-hard tribe that essentially favour creaminess, interlaced with just enough coffee and cocoa to cut through its richness and a hint of liqueur to suggest a more grown-up experience. A timeless combination.

I have to say that when I became vegan, tiramisù was off the menu for me for a while. Until I started to make my own dairy-free versions, that is. This raw vegan rendition of tiramisù goes one step further by being sugar-free and wheat free. I have layered a vanilla-almond-coffee cake with a cashew-coconut cream. For raw and alcohol-free coffee and rum flavours, I have used Medicine Flower organic extracts.


4 comments on “Raw Tiramisù

  1. celestedimilla
    8 April 2013

    Reblogged this on Honk If You're Vegan and commented:
    This looked too amazing not to share!

  2. Maryanne
    8 April 2013

    I always love the raw treats because they are sugar free. The other day I was in Whole Foods and they were giving out samples of mangoes on ice cream. I asked for just a mango and they girl goes, “Oh, willpower!” in a condescending tone. I said, “NO, diabetes runs in my family. Be careful what you say to people.” It shut her right up.

    But back to the tiramisu — that looks so fantastic! YUM! There’s a great restaurant in NYC that has the best raw vegan desserts. Google “Pure Food & Wine” — it’s my favorite restaurant.

    • vixbakes
      9 April 2013

      Hi Maryanne,
      Shame on her! Of all places, you’d expect staff at Whole Foods to be understanding of special diets.
      I also like the sugar-freedom of raw desserts. I am quite a sugar addict and when I make conventional desserts I find it hard not to overeat, but there is something inherently balancing about raw desserts that signals to your body to stop at just the right portion. I love Pure Food & Wine – I did an internship there after I graduated from the Natural Gourmet, and not only is their work with raw desserts inspired, but theirs is the happiest kitchen I have ever worked in! Sneak peek: I am working on a raw Sticky Toffee Pudding, to be posted over the next few weeks… and now that we seem to finally, slowly be heading towards spring, I am looking forward to doing more raw desserts for this blog as well. Stay tuned!

      • Maryanne
        9 April 2013

        Hi!! Yes, you wouldn’t believe the comments that come out of the people’s mouths at Whole Foods. I’m almost at a point where I don’t want to try the samples anymore, especially since they make faces if you sample and don’t buy. (Just because I’m not buying at the moment, doesn’t mean I won’t buy down the road!)

        That’s so cool you interned at Pure Food & Wine. I can imagine how happy they are because the service there is the best. You really get the five star treatment. I think because there are so many nutrients in the raw desserts you get a sense of fulfillment faster.

        I’m going to start following your blog — I look forward to the Sticky Toffee Pudding 🙂

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