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Raw Carrot Cake

Raw carrot cake with coconut lime frosting.

This is the first product I worked on as part of a recipe development project for inSpiral. Back when I was pastry chef there, my carrot cake was a big hit with customers. The challenge was now to come up with an equally good raw version.

A great discovery (for me) at the beginning of this process was buckwheat flour. I combined it with ground almonds and date paste to make the cake base, then carrots, sultanas and a good measure of spices. And I decided to take the cake in the direction of the tropics, so I added lots of desiccated coconut and a coconut-lime frosting. The combination is fresh, balanced and delicious.

Hmm, I can’t wait to see this cake out in the (raw) world!


2 comments on “Raw Carrot Cake

  1. Tanit
    7 October 2012

    I bought your cake, and flew it back to South Africa with me. 🙂 its amazing! Was hoping you would send me the recipe so I can try it myself. There is no where in Cape Town to buy a raw cake, let alone vegan, or carrot vegan cakes…

    You would be my hero! Thankyou so much

    • vixbakes
      7 October 2012

      Hi Tanit,
      Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the carrot cake. I developed this recipe for a client so it is no longer mine to share. But I will be posting new raw and/or vegan recipes on my blog so watch this space… I would also welcome any suggestions for what kind of recipes you would like to find in this blog, so I can start to tailor my content to my readers.
      Kinds regards x

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