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Over the last couple months, I have been busy working on a recipe development project for inSpiral. inSpiral Lounge is a café, bar and venue in Camden Town, London, which offers vegan and healthy food, and I was their first pastry chef, launching their pastry kitchen from scratch in 2008. They have since expanded their product range, which is now sold in many health food shops as well as their original lounge.

It has now been almost three years since I stopped working for them full-time, but every now and then they bring me back on board to come up with some new recipes.

It is always exciting and always a challenge. There is always new superfoods to include, former staple ingredients are suddenly taboo (as is often the case in the health-conscious community, I think), new ingredients to explore and decipher.

This time I was given a big assignment, 11 cakes and desserts to develop, all-raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and naturally sweetened… so I think I’ll start this blog by chronicling this project —and the goodies that came out of it.


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